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 Aerotrek® A220-A240 pricing and options . . .

     The Aerotrek A220-A240 aircraft are factory-built two-seat light sport aircraft that have been manufactured in Europe since 1990 with over 670 aircraft now having been produced. The Aerotrek A220-A240 aircraft are modern designs with excellent performance and features -- built with the finest workmanship and materials resulting in completed aircraft of superb quality. The Aerotrek A220-A240 aircraft are FAA-approved S-LSA aircraft that are especially distinctive for having a quick-folding wing design (only one-person, only 10 minutes!).

     The Aerotrek A220-A240 aircraft are solid, safe and comfortable S-LSA planes with very reasonable prices and relatively low-cost compared to most S-LSA planes -- and this is because the Aerotrek A220-A240 aircraft have efficiencies of design, manufacturing and distribution.

     Aerotrek Aircraft sells our planes "distributor-direct" in the U.S. and Canada. This allows Aerotrek to deliver the Aerotrek A220-A240 aircraft to customers with a real cost-savings. This also means that all after-sales care is done direct between the customer and Aerotrek Aircraft -- and this means that when any assistance, spare parts or advice is needed, an aircraft owner contacts Aerotrek direct.

pick your plane...
  Aerotrek A240 with standard tires and wheel pants............ $129,950.00
--- includes Rotax 912ULS 100-hp engine and with radio, intercom, and transponder-encoder
  Aerotrek A240 with tundra tires............................................ $129,950.00
--- includes Rotax 912ULS 100-hp engine and with radio, intercom, and transponder-encoder
  Aerotrek A220 with standard tires and wheel pants............ $129,950.00
--- includes Rotax 912ULS 100-hp engine and with radio, intercom, and transponder-encoder
  Aerotrek A220 with tundra tires............................................ $129,950.00
--- includes Rotax 912ULS 100-hp engine and with radio, intercom, and transponder-encoder
Our Aerotrek aircraft are very well-equipped with a long list of standard equipment and excellent features . . .
includes:  U.S. delivery (FOB Indiana) and U.S. aircraft registration (with no extra or hidden costs!)
includes standard features and equipment:   quick-folding wing system, Rotax 912ULS 100-hp engine, 3-blade DUC composite prop with metal leading-edge, prop spinner, roomy cockpit, steerable nosewheel or steerable tailwheel, heavy-duty composite suspension, large baggage compartment, stainless steel exhaust system, cockpit-controllable oil temperature control flap, acrylic windshield, clear doors with locks, skylight, hydraulic disc brakes with parking brake, cockpit heater, fresh-air vents, Vernier-control throttle, carpeted floor, carb heat system, dual LED landing lights, Artex ELT345 ELT, plush seats with four-point seat & shoulder belts, and Whelen LED wingtip strobe & position lights
includes well-equipped instrument panel:   Funkwerk Avionics ATR833-OLED radio, PS Engineering PM1000II panel-mount intercom, Funkwerk Avionics TRT800H Mode-S transponder-encoder, airspeed indicator, MGL ALT-6 electronic altimeter-VSI, compass, fuel pressure gauge, low-fuel warning light, low-voltage light, ELT panel controller, Rotax fuel pressure gauge, large mapbox, and Grand Rapids Technologies EIS Model 4000 electronic engine monitoring system which provides engine rpm, oil temperature, oil pressure, coolant temperature, four EGT's, voltmeter, outside air temperature, flight timer, and aircraft hourmeter

instrument panel options...
attitude indicators and EFIS systems...  
Most pilots getting one of our aircraft wants us to install an attitude indicator or EFIS. Our instrument panel design allows for the AvMap Ultra EFIS or similar sorts of EFIS units to be installed in the panel initially or any time later.

AvMap Ultra EFIS (with GPS-Nav feature)  (Ultra EFIS flyer)
    AvMap Ultra EFIS unit... $995.00
     wiring harness and installation cost... $100.00
        complete installed price..... $1,095.00

GPS options...
Our instrument panel has been designed to accommodate almost any GPS... 
Almost everybody getting one of or aircraft is having us provide it with an iPad mount -- and the iPads do a great job with one of the many "aviation apps" for navigation and to display ADS-B traffic and weather optimally.
our "iPanel" with iPad panel installation...
Virtually everybody getting our planes wants to use their iPad on the instrument panel - and this works great. The Apple iPad (from mini to 9.7, 10.2, 10.5 and 11" displays) can be used with a variety of aviation/GPS "apps" with great results -- providing a very large, sharp touchscreen and "pilot-friendly" functions -- at a remarkably low cost! Any of the iPads will display the ADS-B traffic and weather very well. We provide the iPad panel mount with iPad power cable for only $95.00.

ADS-B options...
Our Aerotrek aircraft are standard as "ADS-B ready" and our ADS-B option is economical to add...  
At no additional cost, our planes are delivered already installed with a UAT antenna, cable, UAT on/of switch and circuit breaker on the panel, and pre-wired for ADS-B installation. We offer the uAvionix ADS-B In/Out system as an option, with the uAvionix system providing FAA 2020-compliant ADS-B "Out" and a great dual-channel ADS-B receiver. The ADS-B receiver outputs via WiFi to your iPad and/or iPhone and other appropriate devices. It works great and provides extra comfort and safety while flying to be able to see other aircraft traffic as well as receive the free FAA inflight weather information.
  uAvionix ADS-B In/Out system.....
      $1,595.00 complete installed price

click on photos for larger version - and zoom-in on the iPad
on the panel to see five aircraft flying in the vicinity,
being shown by the uAvionix dual-channel ADS-B receiver
even while the aircraft is still sitting on the ground

more detailed information regarding our features. color choices, and some additional options . . .
   we offer many aircraft color choices . . .

        white paint with various graphics..... no extra charge
        golden-yellow with graphics..... $950 additional charge (and available with rudder checkerboard at no extra cost)
        Ferrari-red paint with graphics..... $950 additional charge (and available with rudder checkerboard at no extra cost)
        special blue & yellow paint (with red-white striped rudder) or special dark-blue & golden-yellow paint..... $450.00
        canary-yellow paint with graphics..... no extra charge
        black with metallic-gold graphics..... no extra charge

                and several two-color combinations available... $450 additional charge

  Rotax engine . . .
  The Aerotrek A220 and A240 are standard with the Rotax 912ULS 100-hp engine with a 2,000 hour TBO.
aircraft lighting . . .
    Whelen "Blaze" LED Strobe & LED Position Light system (see our Whelen web page), super-efficient and durable LED strobe & LED position light system..... included as standard equipment
dual LED landing/recognition lights..... included as standard equipment
  ELT . . .
Artex ELT345 406 (satellite-type) ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter)
  with remote controller on panel..... included as standard equipment
  ballistic recovery system . . .
BRS ballistic parachute recovery system, 1350# capacity,
  LSA-certified, includes shipping and installation..... $9,995.00
  windshield/canopy cover . . .
      Aerocover -- windshield and top cover, modest weight and compact..... $345.00
  trailers . . .
      TRAILERS:   Our planes can be hauled on open flatbed trailers or in enclosed trailers (which can then serve as a "portable hangar" for our aircraft). Please go to our Aerotrek trailers web page for more information.
  wheel penetration skis . . .  
      wheel-penetration skis from Summit Aircraft for our Aerotrek A220
easy, no-aircraft-modifications-needed installation!
      check with Summit Aircraft for current cost

    more about our panel options and features . . .



radio, intercom, and transponder-encoder included as standard with our aircraft . . .

  Funkwerk Avionics ATR833-OLED radio...
  Funkwerk Avionics TRT800H transponder-encoder... (see our Funkwerk Avionics web page)
        fine compact radios and transponders manufactured in Germany

   PS Engineering PM1000II intercom... (photo)
        outstanding panel-mount intercom manufactured in U.S.A.
    Aerotrek apparel . . .


                  Aerotrek hats
black, red, white or grayX

    a good source for aircraft financing . . .

aircraft financing available from Banterra Aircraft Finance
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aircraft financing available from NAFCO
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    one of the best sources for LSA aircraft insurance . . .

for aircraft insurance, check with AIR - Aviation Insurance Resources
several of our aircraft owners have strongly recommended...
Joseph Cacho, phone: 877-247-7767, email:
or Gregg Ellsworth, phone: 301-682-6200, email:

    Aerotrek A220 and A240 . . .
Aerotrek® Aircraft is a member of
the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association
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