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- Aerotrek light sport aircraft - S-LSA - factory built and ready-to-fly!
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Aerotrek A240

quick-folding wings

Aerotrek A220

      The Aerotrek® A220 and A240 are factory-built two-seat aircraft manufactured by Aeropro CZ in Europe. Aeropro has been producing aircraft since 1990 with now over 650 aircraft now flying around the world. The Aerotrek A220-A240 are modern designs with excellent performance and features -- built with the finest workmanship and materials resulting in a completed aircraft of the highest quality.


Aerotrek A240 "bush plane"

  Our A240 is available with standard tires (with wheel pants), or with larger tundra tires, or with "biggie" tundra tires. The best thing is with our A240 the plane can be switched back and forth between standard tires and big or biggie tires very quick and easy. Our A240 has very sturdy front suspension and with the tundra tires, our A240 has very good "bush plane" capabilities on softer or rougher fields.
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Aerotrek A240 in Montana!

A240 in black with metallic-gold graphics, based at the Glacier International Airport (KGPI) in Kalispell, Montana.  Pilot: Jim Cash
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Aerotrek A220 on amphibious floats!

  Our A220 on aluminum amphib floats.
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      A220 amphib floats and A220 amphib floats and A220 amphib floats
  Pilot: Richard Gagne
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Aerotrek A220 on glacier in Alaska!
Our A220 taildragger with wheel-penetration skis after landing on frozen glacial lake in the Chugach Mountains near Palmer, Alaska. Pilot: Glenn Johnmeyer


A220 now available with 26" AirStreak tundra tires!

Our A220 taildragger now has the option of 26" AirStreak tundra tires -- proven in Alaska bush flying! Photo on the left shows an A220 in Alaska with these extra tall and wide tundra tires. More photos and details on our "taildraggers" web page at... taildraggers

The Aerotrek A220-A240 are FAA-approved S-LSA (Special Light Sport Aircraft) that are especially distinctive for having a quick-folding wing design (only one-person, only 10 minutes!) and amazing visibility. With the Aerotrek A220-A240 aircraft having an attractively low price for aircraft in this category, the Aerotrek A220-A240 are aircraft representing the best value available among S-LSA aircraft!


      Don't let our great price fool you! The Aerotrek A220-A240 are factory-built aircraft that are manufactured efficiently in series-production by a fine company that has been producing light aircraft for over 30 years -- well above the average for manufacturers in this industry. Then, Aerotrek provides the A220-A240 aircraft "distributor-direct" without the high mark-up involved in going through a dealer network. As a result of the best efforts of the factory and Aerotrek, the A220-A240 are priced "very reasonably" and not over-priced like so many S-LSA planes that are now on the U.S. market!
    The Aerotrek A220-A240 are aircraft intended to work ideally under the "Sport Pilot / Light Sport Aircraft" rules. With the Aerotrek A220-A240 aircraft having S-LSA approval, they can be flown by existing Private and Recreational pilots -- who are not required to maintain an FAA Medical Certificate to fly aircraft in the LSA category, but also by people holding the relatively new "Sport Pilot" license. For info about the "Sport Pilot / Light Sport Aircraft" rules, visit the EAA web site.



    Aerotrek A220-A240 features and equipment . . .

  • two-seat (side-by-side), high wing, available in tricycle-gear or taildragger-version
  • quick-folding wings -- just a one-person, 10-minute job!
  • the Aerotrek A220-A240 aircraft are easily trailerable!
  • precision-welded 4130 chromoly steel tube fuselage, aluminum wing structure with composite leading edges and composite flaperons, with fuselage and wings covered with UV-protected PolyFiber fabric for long-term durability
  • powered by the 100-hp Rotax 912ULS four-cylinder, four-stroke engine -- with 2000 hour TBO
  • high-performance three-blade composite prop and with spinner
  • molded acrylic front windshield for excellent durability
  • cockpit-controllable oil temperature control flap for quicker warm-ups and inflight control of oil temperature   (photo) (photo)
  • oil level access door in upper cowling for easier oil level checking
  • tricycle gear A240 has steerable nosewheel with heavy duty suspension
  • tricycle gear A240 available with choice of standard tires with wheel pants or tundra tires
  • taildragger A220 has steerable tailwheel with composite strut
  • taildragger A220 available with choice of standard tires with wheel pants or tundra tires
  • heavy duty composite main gear suspension for both tricycle-gear or taildragger-version
  • hydraulic disk brakes on the main wheels with parking brake
  • ram-air intake system for improved efficiency and power
  • special airbox design with carb heat system
  • stainless steel exhaust system
  • Vernier-type throttle control
  • excellent cabin heater - effective to 0 degrees Fahrenheit (Canadian-proven!) Canadian Winter
  • for hot weather, very effective cockpit ventilation with large door vents and also dual glareshield vents
  • our cockpit fits pilots from short to 6'5" tall (photo) (photo)
  • roomy cockpit with comfortable with durable upholstery and four-point seat/shoulder belts (photo)
  • large luggage compartment (21" wide, 30" deep, 15"-22" tall) with room to carry a lot of stuff (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo)
  • clear polycarbonate gull-wing doors equipped with gas-lift struts and with doors quick-removable (for flying without doors!)
  • door locks and carpeted cockpit floor
  • large skylights
  • elevator trim and flaps
  • aerodynamic main wheel and nosewheel pants
  • dual LED landings lights
  • Whelen LED strobe and LED wingtip position lights for safety, reliability and low powerconsumption  (photo)
  • meticulous attention to details
  • large instrument panel   (instrument panel photo) with large-capacity mapbox
  • complete flight instrumentation is standard and includes: airspeed indicator, MGL electronic altimeter/VSI, and compass
  • complete engine instrumentation is standard and includes the Grand Rapids Technologies EIS Model 4000 digital engine monitoring system which provides for engine rpm, oil temperature, oil pressure, coolant temperature, four EGT's, outside air temperature, voltmeter, flight timer, and hour meter, and also included is the Rotax fuel pressure gauge and a low-fuel warning light
  • our aircraft are available with a good variety of paint and graphics options, a number of instrument panel options, and the optional BRS parachute recovery system -- see our Pricing & Options web page
  • the FAA registration and your choice of N-number is included at no additional charge
  • the Aerotrek A220-A240 aircraft are factory-built and test-flown and delivered completely checked-out and ready to fly!


    Aerotrek A220-A240 specifications and performance . . .
  • wingspan  29'11.3",  wing area  122.7 sq ft
  • aircraft length  18'6.5"
  • aircraft height  7'4.5"
  • cockpit width  44.1" (4.6" wider than Cessna 172)
  • dimensions with wings folded:  7'10" max width, 21'6" length, 7'6.5" maingear width
  • max height with wings folded: A220 = 72.5", A240 = 74" (at prop tips, with standard tires)
  • glide ratio  10:1 at 70 mph
  • cruise speed 120+ mph (max. cruise speed 132 mph)
  • Vne  143 mph
  • flaps-down stall speed  40 mph
  • climb rate  1100 fpm
  • take-off roll (at gross weight)  260'
  • empty weight  665 lbs. (with typical options installed)
  • maximum gross weight  1235 lbs.
  • useful load  570 lbs.
  • fuel capacity 22.5 gallons
  • range 600+ miles -- 5.5+ hours endurance at good cruise speed

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    the Aerotrek A220-A240 instrument panel . . .

Our Aerotrek instrument panel includes as standard equipment the ATR833-OLED radio, TRT800H Mode-S transponder-encoder, and PM1000II intercom. The panel shown below is also equipped with the optional AvMap UltraEFIS and our special iPad mount. Our instrument panels have been specially designed to be able to use your iPad (from iPad mini up through iPad Pro 11). The iPad is now what almost all of our customers want on their panel because it does so much at so little cost and with a large display with great touchscreen. It is also ideal to display aircraft traffic and inflight weather information. However, we can install a Garmin or AvMap aviation GPS if preferred. With our optional uAvionix ADS-B In/Out system with dual-channel ADS-B receiver, the aircraft traffic information and FAA weather information is displayed on the iPad (or similar devices) making flying so much easier and safer than ever before.

      see our pricing web page for more information

    Aerotrek A220 and A240 . . .
aircraft radios and transponders, ATR833, TRT800H

Aerotrek® Aircraft is a member of
the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association

the A220 and A240 aircraft are manufactured by Aeropro CZ
    and are distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Aerotrek Aircraft

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